Pat Stotesbery, Chair

Jim Gamble, Vice Chair

Elaine M. Jones, Secretary

Robert H. Fish, Treasurer

Board Officers, left to right: Pat Stotesbery, Elaine Jones, Robert Fish, Jim Gamble


  • Daphne Araujo
  • Michelle Baggett
  • Stacey Bressler, Emeritus
  • Karen Cakebread
  • William Cary
  • Blakesley Chappellet
  • Bridget Dunnington
  • Steven Fink
  • Rick Jones
  • Darioush Khaledi
  • Robin Lail
  • Chuck McMinn, Emeritus
  • Carol Norfleet
  • Deborah S. Novack
  • Kathleen Patterson
  • Andreas Sakopoulos, MD
  • Ethan Schram, MD
  • Bob Trinchero, Emeritus
  • Bob Van Dyk
  • Joe Wender
  • Susan Dix Lyons, President + CEO, St. Helena Hospital Foundation
  • Steven Herber, MD, President, Adventist Health St. Helena
A strong local hospital is vital to a thriving community, but it requires extra effort from all of us. Being a part of hospital leadership allows me to ensure we’re going the extra mile to provide the excellence we all deserve.
Patrick Stotesbery - Board of Directors, Chair