An Important Message from Dr. Steven Herber

As I look around our St. Helena community, I am so thankful that the Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center has provided care to more than five thousand patients in the past 10 years!

I’m also so thankful for our Medical and Radiation Oncologists, who bring their expertise and training from nationally recognized centers, such as the Cleveland Clinic, Scripps, Stanford, UC Davis, and UCSF, to us right here in St. Helena. Our specialists choose to live here and work at our Martin-O’Neil Center because they value providing personal and individual approaches to treatment. The care they provide our community, and our Napa and Lake County neighbors, is unmatched.

Remarkably, during the recent fire danger affecting our community, the medical oncology team adapted and prioritized their patients’ needs. Through the uncertainty of evacuations and power outages, our team continued to provide exceptional/uninterrupted care, without canceling a single medical oncology or chemotherapy appointment—everyone received their treatments on time and as prescribed!

While the fire danger and potential for evacuation caused a cancellation of our Promontory Fundraising Dinner on October 26, the need for immediate investment in the Martin-O’Neil Cancer center remains. Projections show that in the next ten years, more than 8,000 new incidents of cancer will be diagnosed in Napa County alone.

As our community and physicians face this challenge, we are all deeply thankful for generous supporters who have pledge more than $800,000 of our $1.2 million dollar goal. Rather than wait for another time when we all can gather, we’re conducting this virtual campaign to raise the remaining $400,000 to meet the immediate needs of our cancer center. Your generosity will bring new leading-edge patient diagnosis and treatment technologies as well as provide for increased patient comfort and expanded survivorship programs.

I am sharing a very special video we created for the Promontory event and I hope, after watching the video, you agree that the care the Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center team provides our community is vital and unparalleled. Please share with your friends and encourage them to support the Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center today.

Pledges, gifts of cash, distributions from Donor Advised Funds, and appreciated securities are always welcome. Full details are included at the link below. If you haven’t taken the time to formalize your own pledge, please do so on the link below. If you need personalized assistance, please contact Glen Newhart, Foundation President, at 707-963-6206.

With my gratitude,

Dr. Steven Herber
President, Adventist Health St. Helena

P.S. To fully celebrate our 10th anniversary and appreciate our generous supporters, we will hold a special invitation-only St. Helena Hospital Foundation donor appreciation dinner at Promontory Winery on Saturday, February 29, 2020. This event will let us come together as a community and honor what we can accomplish when we pull together. I’ll be there alongside many of our cancer center physicians, and we all look forward to thanking you in person.