Build your legacy

Through thoughtful planning, you can donate to St. Helena Hospital Foundation in a way that also benefits you and your loved ones.

Donations Anyone Can Afford

You can support the Foundation without impacting your cash flow, lifestyle or family security. Popular options include donations through your will or trust, retirement plan, or life insurance, and gifts of stock or appreciated assets.

Donations that Pay Back

You can make a generous donation to the Foundation while also increasing your income. Some options include gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts.

Donations that Protect Your Assets

If your primary objective is to have a tax-smart plan that manages highly appreciated property or a family business, a charitable lead trust may meet your goals.

Start planning your legacy today!

St. Helena Hospital Foundation partners with Thompson & Associates to provide complimentary, confidential estate planning. Fill out this form to learn more about this no-pressure, values-based service:

We are paying it forward to benefit generations to come and we couldn't be happier about this decision.
- Diane Livingston, grateful patient and former Foundation board member

Where do you begin?

St. Helena Hospital Foundation has retained the services of charitable estate planning firm Thompson & Associates to provide complimentary, confidential services for our community. When you meet with a certified professional from Thompson & Associates, you’ll receive expert guidance on creating an estate plan that matches both your values and financial goals.

Why meet with Thompson & Associates? Unlike other charitable planning services, the firm doesn’t receive any commission, has no products to sell and doesn’t manage money or assets. St. Helena Hospital Foundation underwrites costs so these exceptional services can be offered free of charge.

Contact Director of Philanthropy Marci Atkison at or 707-967-5604 to learn more.