URGENT: Your donation now will help support our efforts to fight COVID-19 including our Vaccination Clinic located in St. Helena.

Our vaccination clinic is 100% community-funded, we have not received any government support. Generous contributions from community members like you can pay it forward to ensure our clinic can continue to distribute the vaccine throughout our community. Every shot given can potentially save a life and brings our community closer to herd immunity from this deadly virus.

  • $5,000  One clinic:  full day of vaccinations (serves an average of 500 – 700 patients)
  • $2,500  One clinic:  half day of vaccinations (serves an average of 250 – 400 patients)
  • $1,000  Three clinics:  medical supplies (PPE, syringes, alcohol swabs, etc.)
  • $750     One mobile clinic:  vaccinations for elderly, vulnerable patients at their facility
  • $500     One clinic:  lunch for the 50 clinic staff and volunteers
  • $250     Three clinics:  bilingual promotion and outreach for one week
  • $100     Three clinics:  bilingual patient forms and vaccine information

Gifts at all levels are needed and appreciated. Please choose your donation below and give now to the St. Helena Hospital Foundation COVID-19 Resilience Fund. Today, we stand stronger together!

To learn more about the AHSH response to COVID-19, please visit https://www.adventisthealth.org/coronavirus-preparedness/. If you would like to donate personal protection equipment, please click here to view the list.

Note: While our caregivers will be notified of your gift and your encouraging note, the amount of donation will remain confidential.

Thank you to our donors who have supported us during these unprecedented times.